Afghan gov't forces recapture district control from Taliban

UPDATED: 16:14, June 25, 2007

Afghan troops evicted Taliban insurgents from a district in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province and reestablished its control there, provincial governor Assadullah Khalid said Monday.

"Government forces launched attacked against Taliban rebels in Ghorak district Sunday night and after brief fighting the rebels evacuated the area," Assadullah Khalid told Xinhua.

The district of Ghorak fell to the hand of Taliban fighters couple of days ago.

Government forces earlier in the weekend retook the control of Mianashin district from Taliban.

In Sunday's fighting over the control of Ghorak district, there were no casualties on government forces while the rebels suffered heavy casualties. However, he did not say the exact figure of the militants killed in the conflict.

Taliban militants have yet to make any comment.

Source: Xinhua

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