Vietnam's investment abroad up to over 1 billion dollars

UPDATED: 14:19, June 25, 2007

Vietnam has invested abroad over 1 billion U.S. dollars in nearly 200 projects by now, Labor newspaper reported Monday.

Each project has investment of 5 million dollars averagely. So far this year, the country is estimated to pour investment of 89.5 million dollars in 15 projects abroad, the paper quoted director of the Foreign Investment Agency under the country's Ministry of Planning and Investment Phan Huu Thang as saying.

Vietnam is expected to invest overseas with total capital of about 300 million dollars in 2007, while the country has targeted to entice 12.2 billion dollars of foreign direct investment this year.

Last year, the country had total investment of nearly 350 million dollars in nearly 40 countries and regions, mainly in Laos, Russia, Cambodia and Indonesia, among which Laos has attracted most of the Vietnamese investment abroad.

Source: Xinhua

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