Wildfire still raging in California, Alaska

UPDATED: 11:29, June 25, 2007

Firefighters were still battling wildfire in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and at Lake Tahoe in California, which started Tuesday and Sunday respectively, U.S. media reported Sunday.

The fire on the Kenai Peninsula has engulfed an area of 210 square kilometers, destroying 75 homes and cabins, the report quoted state fire information officials as saying.

The blaze is threatening another 600 residences and cabins, and residents were ordered to evacuate Friday. But some residents refused to leave and chose to stay to protect their houses, the report said.

Some 400 firefighters were mobilized from around Alaska and other states to fight the fire, which began when sparks from a grinder used to sharpen a shovel fell into dry grass.

In California, a forest fire was moving fast at Lake Tahoe and had consumed 12 homes or outbuildings Sunday. Dozens of homes and the Angora Lakes Resort have been evacuated.

Source: Xinhua

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