200,000 Brazilians will visit Venezuela for soccer games

UPDATED: 09:05, June 25, 2007

Some 200,000 Brazilian soccer fans will come to Venezuela for the Copa America-2007 event, Venezuela's Interior and Justice Minister Pedro Carreno said on Sunday.

"We have taken all the necessary precautions to welcome foreign soccer fans coming through the Colombian border and Santa Elena de Guaren, the main port of entry to Venezuela from Brazil," Carreno said in a special local televised programme.

Carreno guaranteed security throughout the Copa America and said the stadiums will include Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) security measures and Venezuelan security organizations have been deployed nationwide in this case.

Carreno said he called Venezuelan citizens to give the United States' (U.S.) soccer team special treatment and to avoid mistreating them verbally because "they are not guilty of the imperialist policies of United States' President George Bush".

Copa America is a soccer event hosted by Venezuela and begins on Tuesday June 26 and finshes on July 15.

Twelve American countries participate in the Copa America, including Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

Source: Xinhua

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