Chinese Taipei wins third place of East Asian Football Championship Qualifier

UPDATED: 08:56, June 25, 2007

Lo Chih-En scored a last-minute goal for the Chinese Taipei team in Macao on Sunday, giving his team the third place of the East Asian Football Championship preliminary tournament.

Chinese Taipei grabbed a quick lead when striker Huang Wei-Yi scored from close in the second minute and Feng Pao-Hsing made it 2-0 to help Chinese Taipei led 2-0 into the second half.

Macao narrowed the gap after Cheung De Sousa opened the score for Macao in the 48th minute but only saw a more aggressive revenge from Chinese Taipei. Kuo Chun-Yi, Chen Po-Liang, Lo Chih- En and his brother Lo Chih-An totally overwhelmed the Macao team with their goals.

Leong Chong-In kicked a counter-strike in from short range in the 78th minute for Macao, but Lo Chih-En answered with a header in the 90th minute to seal the victory for Chinese Taipei at 7-2.

After the match, Chinese Taipei won the third place of the tournament which has six teams involved and the host Macao fourth place.

Source: Xinhua

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