Indonesian girl suffers bird flu

UPDATED: 14:13, June 23, 2007

A four-year-old girl from Indonesia's Riau province has been tested positive of bird flu but her condition is improving because of quick medical response, doctors said Saturday.

Vivi was admitted to the Arifin Achmad hospital in the provincial capital of Pekanbaru several days ago with high fever. Her family suspected she was developing bird flu symptoms as she had had contact with a dead chicken.

"She is still being treated at the bird flu care unit. Her condition is improving because she got immediate treatment and took the tamiflu," the hospital's bird flu team head, Dr. Azizman Saad, was quoted by the national Antara news agency as saying.

The latest case brings the confirmed bird flu attacks on human to 101 in the country, of which 80 ended with fatalities, becoming the highest bird flu death toll in the world.

Source: Xinhua

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