Biologists receive Spain's Prince of Asturias Award

UPDATED: 10:37, June 21, 2007

Spanish biologist Gines Morta and his British colleague Peter Lawrence on Wednesday shared the 2007 Prince of Asturias Award for Science and Technology.

The two biologists are awarded the top prize for their research work on aging and genetic diseases, the prize committee said.

Their work is essential in understanding the process of human aging and genetic diseases that cause illnesses like cancer, the committee said.

The Asturias Fundation, named after the Spanish Crown Prince Felip, awards eight prizes annually for achievements in areas ranging from art to science. The winner will receive 50,000 euros in cash and a statue by the late Spanish artist Jean Miro.

The two biologists were the third to receive the prize this year. The previous prize-winners were former U.S. vice president Al Gore, and the singer and songwriter Bob Dylan.

Source: Xinhua

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