Republic of Congo has nearly 2,000 children victims of human trafficking

Republic of Congo's minister for health, social and family affairs Emilienne Raoul has said there are nearly 2,000 children who are victims of human trafficking in the country, according to local press.

"We can affirm today that human trafficking targeting children exists indeed in Congo. Our country has become a destination for children coming mainly from West Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The children brought to Congo are aged from nine years on average and few of them, if any, are taken to school," Raoul said Tuesday, adding her country "will do whatever possible to curb this degrading phenomenon." Once they arrive in the country of destination, the children are exploited in production factories, selling merchandise in the streets or in prostitution. The problem of human trafficking was highlighted in the Republic of Congo, following a survey carried out by Raoul's ministry in partnership with United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Some of the causes of this phenomenon, include poverty scourge afflicting families and depravity of moral standards. "Traditional values which used to guarantee close-knit family solidarity have been eroded, and protective environment for children weakened," said Raoul.

Source: Xinhua

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