South China city investigates companies suspected of child labor

The government of Dongguan City in south China's Guangdong Province has launched an investigation into a stationary company that is suspected of using child labor to produce Olympic-licensed products.

A local government source told Xinhua on Tuesday a task force was set up on Monday and the company Lekit Stationary Co. would be dealt with according to law if any illegal activities were discovered.

A preliminary investigation found that Lekit, which won contracts of making Olympic-licensed products in July 2006, outsourced some orders to another company Leter Stationary during February 2 and 8.

Leter Stationary factory and Lekit Stationary are neighbors but their exact relationship has yet to be determined.

Leter is accused of hiring a dozen students from a local primary school to pack and finish the company's orders. The students worked six days and were each paid 20 yuan (2.6 U.S. dollars) a day.

Lekit Stationary denies that the outsourced orders were connected to Olympic-licensed products.

The Dongguan task force said they have not found any goods in Leter which were related to Olympic-licence products.

The Dongguan government said that they would make results of their investigation public and start a campaign to fight child labor in the city soon.

Organizers of the Beijing Olympics have stressed that the use of child labor is strictly forbidden in the production of Olympic-licensed products and vowed to probe any allegation of labor abuse.

Source: Xinhua

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