All Palestinian factions to meet in mid June in Egypt

Representatives of all Palestinian factions will meet in the Egyptian capital of Cairo in mid-June in a bid to put an end to Palestinian internal rifts, the official MENA news agency reported on Monday.

Egypt has managed, in coordination with the Palestinian factions, to outline a blueprint of principles and mechanisms for ending Palestinian infighting, MENA quoted a high ranking Egyptian official, on condition of anonymity, as saying.

Egypt, an important mediator of the Palestinian issue, has been undertaking intensive separate contacts with the Palestinian factions in Cairo since late last month.

On Sunday, Egyptian officials met with visiting Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad delegation and achieved a common view on efforts to end Palestinian infighting and cement a Gaza cease-fire.

Earlier in the previous days, Egyptian officials held similar separate talks with both Fatah and Hamas movements.

Hamas promised on Saturday that it is preparing a paper on how to consolidate mutual confidence and preserve the current cease- fire to enhance national unity.

In addition, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has received an invitation and the bilateral talks between the group and Egyptian officials will open here on June 5, MENA said.

Meetings between Egyptian mediators and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, another major Palestinian group, is also expected to kick off within days.

Source: Xinhua

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