Head of Bangladesh's caretaker government leaves hospital

Chief Advisor of Bangladeshi caretaker government Fakhruddin Ahmed, who lost sense while addressing a function in northern Tangail on Sunday, left the hospital after treatment.

According to military public relations department, Fakhruddin Ahmed got fainted while he climbed on to podium to inaugurate the month-long national tree plantation campaign across the country. Immediately he was rushed to hospital in Tangail. After he regained sense, he was flown to Dhaka and admitted to the military hospital.

After treatment there the chief advisor became fully cured and left the hospital Sunday afternoon. While leaving hospital, he told the waiting journalists outside the hospital, "I am now well. I am okay."

Local television CBS said that Fakhruddin Ahmed suffered a mild heat stroke. A Heat wave is raging parts of Bangladesh for the last few days, which killed at least 30 people and hundreds of others were hospitalized with intestinal diseases.

Source: Xinhua

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