Chinese vice premier to attend int'l economic forum in Russia

Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi will attend the 11th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and activities related to the Year of China in Russia from June 8 to 12, announced Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu Thursday.

Jiang said at a regular press conference Vice Premier Wu will attend the forum and the theme year activities at the invitation of Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.

Jiang said Wu's participation in the abovementioned activities is a big event of the Year of China in Russia program, adding Wu will attend a series of activities, including a round-table meeting on China-Russia trade and investment cooperation, opening ceremony of "Shanghai Week".

According to Jiang, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is the largest economic forum in the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) and middle and east Europe region, held annually in June in St. Petersburg, Russia.

China sent delegation to the forum in 2005 and 2006, she said.

Source: Xinhua

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