Turkey takes over command of multinational task in Kosovo

Turkish Armed Forces assumed the command of Multinational Task Force South (MNTF-S), one of the five regional commands of KFOR led by NATO in Kosovo, for a period of one year, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported on Tuesday.

The report said that Turkish Gen. Ugur Tarcin, who took over the command, said at the ceremony that "we will be putting another stone to ensure and to improve security and stability."

"I believe that everyone knows how necessary is a safe atmosphere for the reconstruction and development of Kosovo," the general added.

Meanwhile, KFOR Commander Gen. Roland Kather said that MNTF-S would discourage any threat that could endanger the safe atmosphere in Kosovo.

He added that the task force is a role model of assistance to people of Kosovo.

Turkish battalion will serve with 757 troops in MNTF-S and the medical unit within the battalion will also provide health services for civilians in Kosovo.

Source: Xinhua

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