German DM urges U.S. troops in Afghanistan to avoid civilian casualties

German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung on Wednesday urged U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan to avoid civilian casualties.

"We have to do everything to avoid civilians being affected," Jung said on German state television ZDF. "We are in talks with our American friends about this."

Past incidents showed that the troops' behavior needed to be improved and they should show more restraint, Jung said, referring especially to the U.S.-led counter-terrorism mission, which known as Operation Enduring Freedom and operated outside NATO's force of 36,000 troops.

On Wednesday, Jung also attended the funerals of three German soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan's northern city of Kunduz on May 19.

The bombing, which also injured two more German soldiers and killed six civilians, has brought German death toll in Afghanistan to 21. Germany currently has some 3,000 troops in Afghanistan.

Source: Xinhua

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