Brazil sees strongest employment growth in 15 years

Brazil's employment in April registered the strongest growth in 15 years, the Ministry of Labor said on Thursday.

A total of 301,991 jobs were created in April, up 31.4 percent from 229,803 for the same period last year.

It was the largest employment growth the General Register of the Employed and Unemployed (CAGED) has verified since it was created in 1992, the Ministry of Labor said in a press statement.

The growth was attributed to the temporary jobs created in the agriculture sector, falling interest rates and the government's Program for the Acceleration of Growth (PAC).

Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said that the PAC has boosted job creation in industry. New jobs in the construction sector reached a historic high in April, when 30,887 more workers were employed, up 111 percent from the previous record set in April 2001.

Lupi said the announcement of road renovations around the country and other infrastructure operations has affected the job market.

Source: Xinhua

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