Women take 45% workforce in China

Great progress has been made in women development since the formulation and publication of the "Program for Development of Chinese Women (2001-2010)" in 2001, as learned from a press briefing by the Information Office of the State Council Tuesday.

The ratio of woman employees is lifted. By now women has taken 45 percent of the nation's workforce, and more than 4 million women have been lifted out of poverty in rural areas.

The number of woman cadres increases steadily, taking nearly 40 percent. The proportion of woman cadres at governments and Party organizations at provincial, municipal and county levels increased by more than 17 percentage points.

Women and children enjoy better education. The number of woman students studying for bachelor and master degrees has increased significantly. Health conditions of women and children further improved, and the average life expectancy of women has risen to 74.1 years.

By People's Daily Online

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