Beijing torch relay share limelight of London Olympic centenary

Beijing Olympics torch relay in London next year is expected to become part of a large celebration for the centenary of 1908 London Olympic Games, British Olympic Association chief executive Simon Clegg said in Beijing on Thursday.

The Olympic flame is to be relayed to London on April, 6 next year when the 2012 Olympics host city will be celebrating the centenary of London first being an Olympic host. London hosted another summer Games in 1948.

"Next year not only Beijing torch relay will go to London, it is also the centenary of London first hosting an Olympic Games," said Clegg, who is on a four-day trip here with a group of British summer sports team leaders to visit Olympic sites.

"It was a very special Games, which created modern marathon as we know today. So you can also say that next year is the centenary of the creation of the modern marathon as we know it," he said.

In 1908 Games, the length of marathon route was added 385 yards to become 26 miles 385 yards (42.195km) as the royal family could watch the competition.

"We want to somehow involve Beijing torch relay with the centenary marathon route. So we have big celebrations next year. We are very excited about the torch relay coming to London," he added.

Clegg said the plan was not finalized but he had already forseen a magnificent torch relay as the Olympic fever began to pick up in the British capital.

"The Olympic fever has began to growing in London and it will become more huge next year when the torch relay comes through London and Beijing mayor handed the flag to mayor of London at the end of the closing ceremony," he said.

London was awarded the right to host the Games in 2005.

Source: Xinhua

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