Light energy mobile phone available in Beihai, south China's Guangxi region

A kind of mobile phone powered with light energy was available in the city of Beihai, south China's Guangxi autonomous region on May 8.

It can operate for over 20 minutes after it is charged for 40 minutes in sunlight. This mobile phone, weighting 140 grams, can translate light energy to the electricity through use of the sunlight, lamplight or other light resources in the people's daily life. It has long been the goal of research for cell phones makers worldwide to make use of light energy as a power source. With the availability of such cell phones, said Zhang Zhengyu, chairman of the firm to manufacture this kind of mobile phone, the era in which light energy cell phone could only be made in laboratories has ended. It is of vital significance to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By People's Daily Online

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