China will speed up border check times for Olympics

China's public security authorities on Thursday promised to shorten border check times for passengers arriving for the 2008 Olympics.

"We will ensure 95 percent of passengers complete border procedures in 25 minutes," said Zhu Jiqing, deputy director of the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration with the Ministry of Public Security.

"We will instruct border check stations to settle all passenger complaints within 30 days of their being lodged," Zhu said.

Since the reform and opening policy adopted in China, the number of passengers entering or exiting the country has surged to 318 million in 2006 from 5.7 million in 1978, MPS statistics show.

The rapid increase of passenger traffic poses challenges for our services, Zhu said.

"We hope through these new measures to improve China's border check service," she added.

Zhu said the two policies will be implemented "very soon".

China has begun the countdown to the 2008 Olympics and issued several new policies for the event.

In January, the MPS promised to improve visa application procedures so foreigners involved in the 2008 Olympics will find it easier to enter the country.

"Anyone with valid Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards will enjoy visa-free entry into China one month before and after the Olympics," said Li Changyou, deputy director of the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration with the Ministry of Public Security.

Source: Xinhua

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