World's first hydrogen fuel train tested in Taiwan

A train running on hydrogen fuel cell power, built by the Taiwan Science and Technology Museum, was tested in China's Taiwan on April 11. This is the first hydrogen fuel electric train in the world; it is emission free, makes little noise and is highly durable and safe.

The hydrogen fuel cell is one of a number of new technologies being developed in the global search for alternative energies. Aware of the huge potential of the hydrogen fuel cell, Taiwan Science and Technology Museum and Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership spent more than 400 million New Taiwan dollars developing and building the train fuel cell power system, track and hydrogen stations to promote green energy education.

Lee Yuanzhe, the former director of "Taiwan Research Academia", not only attended the opening ceremony but rode on the hydrogen fuel electric train. The hydrogen fuel electric train will run in the park outside the Taiwan Science and Technology Museum every Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

By People's Daily Online

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