Syria calls for int'l responsibility towards Iraqi refugees

Syrian Interior Minister Bassam Abdel-Majeed on Monday called upon the international community to assume responsibility towards the Iraqi refugees "who were forced to flee their country due to the U.S. occupation", the official SANA news agency reported.

The minister made the call while meeting with visiting Swedish Migration Minister Tobias Billstrom during which they discussed bilateral cooperation between the two countries and a number of issues related to the situation of the Iraqi displaced in Syria.

Both sides conferred on the required steps to ease the suffering of the Iraqis and offer them basic needs during their residence in Syria.

For his part, Billstrom expressed appreciation and respect to the Syrian efforts in this regard, noting that the Swedish government put a special agenda to help Syria and Jordan regarding the Iraq refugee issue at an international conference scheduled to be held in Geneva in May.

Syria said that more than one million Iraqi refugees were now residing in the country, accounting for over half of the total exodus who fled the war-wracked Iraq.

The influx of the huge mass of Iraqis has inflicted immense burden to Syria's subsidies system, its infrastructure and public services and prices of daily commodities and properties have climbed up since.

Source: Xinhua

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