37 corrupt officials deported home

International police cooperation has led to the deportation of 37 corrupt Chinese officials and criminals, many of whom fled China with large sums of money.

Wu Heping, the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, said in a press conference on Tuesday that China has signed 112 memorandums of understanding with 45 countries to cooperate on police matters and fight crime. It has established a mechanism for contact with 18 countries and areas, and sent 30 police liaison officers to 19 countries.

China has increased efforts to get international legal assistance in criminal matters. Since 1987, China has signed 72 legal assistance treaties with 48 countries and extradition treaties with 24 countries. It is also a signatory to 25 multilateral treaties.

In addition, China has strengthened cooperation between judicial departments at home and abroad and signed treaties or memorandums of understanding with the judicial departments of more than 70 countries. Direct links with foreign counterparts have been established to deal with individual cases. A mechanism for investigation, seizing criminal suspects and recovering stolen funds has also been established.

Since 1998, China's judicial departments have intensified their efforts to seize 3000 criminal suspects living overseas and recover stolen funds.

By People's Daily Online

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