250 kg of drugs seized in Bolivia

Bolivian specialized anti-drug forces have seized 250 kg of drugs in southwestern Bolivia, according to the reports arriving Lima from La Paz on Saturday.

About 175 kg of cocaine and 75 kg of marijuana, valued at 1 million U.S. dollars, have been seized in an anti-drug operation carried out on Friday in the Potosi province bordering Chile, the Bolivian News Agency reported.

Over 4,200 suspected drug traffickers have been arrested during the last year, and 120 tons of drugs have been seized by the Bolivian specialized anti-drug forces, according to the Bolivian army.

Sitting in the notorious "Silver Triangle" area of South America,Bolivia is one of the three largest drug-planting and producing bases in Latin America, with 30,000 hectares coca-planted land.

Source: Xinhua

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