Indonesian minister asks airliners to obey rules

Indonesian Transport Minister Hatta Rajasa stressed on Friday that operators of aviation must comply with rules in a bid to prevent further possibility of accident.

Minister Rajasa said that the airliners must also supervise the implementation of the rules which he said already are good in the country.

"I think the most important now is that operators must obey the regulations. They must be consistent by watching the implementation of them in the field," Rajasa told Xinhua here.

"The regulation now is good enough," he added.

The minister said that many operators had been indiscipline in implementing the rules.

"It must be admitted that there have been still many (airliners) not obey the regulations," he said.

"That is part of our efforts now for the completion of the rules," said Rajasa.

Despite the regulation is sufficient, the minister said that in the future the government would take measures to tighten the rules and make their implementation.

Indonesian police chief General Sutanto said that the temporary conclusion of the Wednesday's plane fire in Indonesia's Yogyakarta that killed 23 people was human error.

"(It is) temporarily concluded (the cause of the accident) is more on human error," he told reporters here.

But, the general declined to give further detail.

Earlier, Indonesia has vowed to entirely evaluate its transport system following the rampant accidents that have killed thousands of lives in recent years.

Plane and ships are favorite transport mean for the huge archipelago country with about 17,000 sprawling islands and 240 million population, but poor implementation of safety standard has been widely blamed for the rampant accidents.

Indonesia's aviation has record poor safety record for the last ten years.

Source: Xinhua

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