Indonesia voices support for Serbia in Kosovo spat

Indonesia will respect Serbia's territorial integrity in regard to a Western-backed proposal to give independence to the Albanian majority in Serbia's breakaway Kosovo province, a Foreign Ministry official has said.

"Our basic position is that we respect the territorial integrity of a country once it is acknowledged by the international community," director general for the Americas and Europe, Eddy Haryadi, was quoted Thursday by English daily The Jakarta Post as saying.

Eddy said that if there was an internal spat, such as in the case of Serbia-Kosovo, then parties involved should resolve their differences through dialog instead of using violence.

"As we are a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, we must contribute to achieving the best solution when the council issues a resolution on the Serbia-Kosovo problem.

"We will use these basic principles when we make decision there. We hope that the resolution can be based on reality in the field," he added.

Another official with the ministry said Indonesia would not support any resolution that could cause the secession of Kosovo from Serbia, not only because Serbia is a staunch supporter of Indonesian territorial integrity but also because supporting Kosovo's independence could cause a backlash toward the country's own territorial integrity, especially in Papua.

"We will vote against any resolution causing the disintegration (of Serbia)," the official told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

Source: Xinhua

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