Pollution causes economic loss

Environmental pollution cost Beijing some 11.652 billion yuan in economic loss in 2004, amounting to 1.92 percent of the city's GDP, lower than the national average of 3.05 percent, according to a government report.

Air pollution was the major cause of the loss, accounting for 9.525 billion yuan. Water pollution accounted for 2.12 billion yuan.

Beijing is among the Chinese cities piloting a Green GDP calculation.

The calculation formula is still not complete, as it does not factor in natural resources and the cost of environmental losses, according to an official form the municipal Bureau of Statistics. He said that the calculation method will be improved by taking all environment-related factors into account.

Beijing should have invested 8.266 billion in addressing air, water and solid waste pollution, but actual investment was 5.347 billion yuan.

By People's Daily Online

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