China deletes nearly 3,000 pieces of harmful on-line information in 2006

China's Internet watchdog received over 140,000 complaints of harmful on-line information and ordered for the deletion of 2,745 pieces in 2006, the China Internet Association announced Monday.

The big gap between the two numbers were due to the numerous information overlap, the association's councillor Hu Qiheng told a symposium in Beijing, adding, "the prolonged disposal of the information owing to our limited capacity aggravated the overlap."

Harmful on-line information includes junk e-mails, fake news or information, porn portrayals and files with virus, according to the association.

Since last April when Beijing-based initiated a campaign to clean the Internet, more than 160 websites across China have joined in.

The Internet environment in China is getting cleaner due to the self-discipline of websites, said Cai Mingzhao, deputy head of the China's State Council Information Office.

Source: Xinhua

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