Somali gov't confirms foreign Islamists in custody: news report

The Somali transitional government confirmed Sunday there were foreigners among its detainees, who were deported by Kenyan authorities to the Somali capital Mogadishu Saturday, reports said.

Abdirahman Dinari, spokesman for the transitional government, told the local Shabelle Media Network in an interview that the inmates extradited from neighboring Kenya included internationally wanted terrorists and Somali Islamists.

He said foreigners in custody currently hail from Yemen, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sweden, Comoros, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Morocco.

"Members of the defeated Islamists are in the government's detention. They were among the inmates who were deported from Kenya yesterday," he said.

"The national security department has produced the identity of these people," he said. "They will be tried and those who are innocent will go free."

Security sources at Mogadishu airport told Shabelle more than 23 inmates landed at the airport Saturday.

Source: Xinhua

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