British ship joins search of Indonesian plane

British ship M.N. Endeavor Wednesday began joining the Indonesian search and rescue (SAR) team for the main body of a passenger plane, which has gone missing since Jan. 1.

The ship will join US ship USNS Mary Sears ship and a number of Indonesian warships, which have been deployed in South and West Sulawesi waters since early this month.

"The ship is now in the north part of Makassar Strait, heading to Majene waters in West Sulawesi province," head of the National SAR team Bambang Karnoyudho was quoted by national Antara news agency as saying.

The British ship operated by local mining firm PT Gema Tera Mustikawati is usually used by oil and gas drilling company to map seabed.

The searching of the body of the ill-fated Boeing 737-400 plane is now focused in Majene waters after an Indonesian warship detected metals in the area Tuesday.

SAR team has collected some 184 suspected parts of the plane, who went missing together with 92 passengers of 10 crew members. Rescuers, however, remain unable to locate the main body of the plane.

Source: Xinhua

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