Saddam's body was shown on TV

The body in a white shroud of former Iraqi president of Saddam Hussein was shown on Saturday on al-Jazeera English TV channel.

The channel showed Saddam lying with his neck twisted to one side at an awkward angle, with what appeared to be blood or a bruise on his left cheek.

Saddam was executed by hanging shortly before 6 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Saturday in Iraq.

Iraqi state television Iraqiya showed footage of Saddam having a noose put over his neck by masked hangmen, but it stopped short of showing the actual hanging or the body.

On Nov. 5, a panel of five Iraqi judges sentenced Saddam, his half-brother Barzan al-Tikriti and Iraq's former chief judge Awad Hamed al-Bandar to death by hanging for killing of 148 people in Dujail, some 60 km north of Baghdad.

On Dec. 3, the defense lawyers of Saddam officially appealed to the higher court against the death penalty imposed on Saddam and another two codefendants.

However, the Iraqi appellate court chief announced on Tuesday that the court had upheld the death sentence for Saddam Hussein.

Source: Xinhua

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