Kuwaiti officials say Saddam's execution is "divine justice"

Kuwaiti officials said Saturday that the execution of Saddam Hussein was "divine justice," in the first reaction to the hanging of the deposed former Iraqi leader, the Kuwaiti official News Agency (KUNA) reported.

"Divine justice is exacted sooner or later," Kuwaiti Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled al-Hamad al- Sabah was quoted as saying, adding the execution of Saddam was an Iraqi (internal) affair handled by Iraqi judicial institutions.

Noting that "Kuwait has suffered so much from Saddam's regime," the minister expressed hope for security and stability in Iraq.

In addition, Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly (parliament) Jassem Mohammad al-Kharafi said Saturday that Saddam's death by execution is "fair and just."

In a statement to KUNA, al-Kharafi said "divine justice is exacted no matter how long it takes."

Al-Kharafi said that executing Saddam would be a lesson for all those in position of authority who would think about committing similar crimes against their own people or neighboring countries.

U.S.-backed Iraqi TV Al Hurra reported early Saturday morning that Saddam was executed by hanging shortly before 6 a.m. (0300 GMT) Saturday, after he was handed over to the Iraqi authorities from a U.S. camp near Baghdad international airport where he had been held.

Saddam was the mastermind of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, which resulted in seven months of destruction and horror in the country.

During the seven-month occupation of Kuwait, the occupiers snatched more than 600 Kuwaiti nationals and inflicted extensive damage to the infrastructure of the country.

Shortly before Saddam's troops were driven out of Kuwait, they torched scores of oil wells causing a major ecological catastrophe in the country and the region, consequences of which still remained visible at present.

Source: Xinhua

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