China, Japan to continue improving bilateral ties

China will work with Japan to continue to improve bilateral ties in a stable and healthy way, said Chinese President Hu Jintao Tuesday.

"The improvement of Sino-Japanese relations is in conformity with the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples, and benefits peace, stability and development of Asia and the world, and is welcomed by both and the international community," Hu said.

Hu made the remarks when meeting with Kono Yohei, speaker of House of Representatives of Japan.

He said China would like to work with Japan to observe the principles in the three political documents, realize the consensus of the two sides, and properly handle the sensitive issues in bilateral ties.

Hu also congratulated on Kono Yohei on becoming chairman of the Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade.

He hoped the association would play its special role in enhancing the economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan.

Kono Yohei said he would make efforts to enhance relations and to promote cooperation on issues such as environmental protection, and development disparities.

Kono Yohei is visiting China at the invitation of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Source: Xinhua

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