China seizes 58 million illegal publications in three months

China seized more than 58 million illegal publications, four pirated DVD production lines and investigated 10,000 cases of intellectual property theft in the 100-day anti-piracy campaign.

The campaign, which was launched by Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Security and eight other departments under the central authorities, lasted from the middle July to the end of October.

More than 880,000 state workers, market supervisors and members of the judiciary were involved in the campaign.

In east China's Fujian Province, state workers seized 34,900 pirated preschool education books worth 140,600 yuan. In southwest municipality of Chongqing, more than 10,000 pirated audio and video products were seized.

A pirate CD maker and smuggler, Lin Yuehua, was sentenced to life imprisonment by an intermediate people's court in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Nov. 22, and four million yuan worth of personal property was confiscated.

Chen Hui, the creator of China's largest pornographic website, the Qingseliuyuetian (pornographic summer) website, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Nov. 22 by the Taiyuan Intermediate People's Court and 100,000 yuan of his property was taken.

In central China's Henan Province, Wang Fengjuan was given ten months imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan for pirating a Chinese dictionary.

The 100-day anti-piracy campaign has terrified gangs and individuals involved in piracy and illustrates China's resolve in fighting piracy and protecting intellectual property, said an official with the State Press and Publication Administration.

Source: Xinhua

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