Iraqi female journalist, her driver gunned down in Mosul

Gunmen shot dead an Iraqi female journalist working for a local newspaper in the northern city of Mosul along with her driver, a police source said.

"Fadiyah Muhammad al-Taie, and her driver were killed by gunmen in the morning in the Zahraa neighborhood in eastern Mosul City," Brigadier Sa'id al-Juboury from the city police told Xinhua.

Taie was gunned down on her way to her office. The paper al- Masar she worked for publishes in Mosul, Juboury added.

Two days ago, a cameraman, Muhammad Mahmoud al-Ban, 56, working for the Iraqi private al-Sharqiya satellite channel, was also killed in Mosul by unknown gunmen.

According to the Journalistic Freedom Observatory, a local watchdog body, up to 54 Iraqi journalist and media workers have been killed in the past months of this year in Iraq.

Source: Xinhua

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