China basketball opens fire against age fraud

Young basketball players are adopting into a new system of register with the age fraud facing severe punishment, a top official of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) said on Tuesday.

"We have received strong reaction from coaches and teams of the youth since the CBA announced Notice of Registeration for the national youth basketball players a week ago. The Notice is focusing on the prevailing age fraud in the field of basketball all around the country," said Zhang Xiong, director of the training and scitific research department of the CBA.

"Age fraud is the cancer of the development of our youth teams. We will start a war against the age fraud as we do against doping, " he added.

A player of 20 could sophisticate his or her birth certification and even his or her ID card in order to register for a U-18 competition. Someone even changes his or her name to get a valid registeration.

The Notice ordered youth basketball players to present age notarization produced by the local government, permanent residence, ID card, half-length photoes for registeration.

The CBA also introduce new bone age detecting machines, which could reduce the error under 1.5 years, for more accurate age.

Any further age fraud will face serious penalties with players being banned and teams being amerced up to 10,000 RMB. Coaches are facing as high as four-year ban if their teams have three or more players detected age frauding and teams will be banned for any competitions for one year, the Notice announced.

"I'm sorry to say that some of our past results from international youth games were not real as we had some over-aged players in the squads. But from now on, we could promise to have a real U-18 or U-20 national team to compete in internationals," Zhang vowed.

Source: Xinhua

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