Death toll rises to 8 in two car bomb explosions in central Baghdad

The death toll rose to eight people killed and up to 32 others wounded when two car bombs went off in central Baghdad on Saturday, an Interior Ministry source said.

"We have eight people killed and 32 others wounded in the quick succession two car bombings in the Hafiz al-Qazi Square," the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Earlier, an initial police report said that two people were killed and five others wounded the attack.

"Two car bombs parking at the busy commercial area of Hafiz al- Qazi Square in central Baghdad went off at around midday," the source said, adding that the blasts damaged several civilian cars along with nearby buildings.

Separately, a civilian was killed and five others wounded when a bomb inside a car detonated in Baghdad's eastern neighborhood of Zaiyounah, according to the source.

Violence rages in Iraq as sectarian killings, car bombings, roadside bombs cause dozens of Iraqi casualties daily.

Source: Xinhua

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