U.S. Democrat launches bid for White House

Two days after the U.S. midterm elections, Iowa's Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack launched a long- shot bid on Thursday for the White House, U.S. media reported.

Vilsack, a two-term governor, had filed document with the Federal Election Commission to create a presidential campaign committee.

Born in December 1950, Vilsack was elected Iowa governor in 1998 and was reelected in 2002. He did not seek a third term this year.

In a statement, Vilsack said in the elections on Tuesday, voters sent a clear message - "they want leaders who will take this country in a new direction."

"They want leaders who share their values, understand their needs, and respect their intelligence. That's what I've done as governor of Iowa, and that's what I intend to do as president," he said in the statement.

He became the first Democrat to make a formal announcement about his ambition for the presidency.

News reports said Vilsack planned to tour some states on Nov. 30 to announce his intentions.

On Oct. 30, Republican Representative Duncan Hunter of California announced his intention to consider running for the party's presidential nomination in 2008, becoming the only announced candidate on the Republican side.

Potential candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 included New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, former Vice President Al Gore and Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate in 2004.

A CNN poll released early this month suggested that Clinton and Barack Obama topped the list of potential Democratic candidates for the party's presidential nomination in 2008.

On the Republican side, Senator John McCain of Arizona was running neck and neck with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani among Republicans, the poll found.

Source: Xinhua

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