U.S. media hails Democrats' control of House

U.S. media hailed on Wednesday the Democrats' control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1994 and meanwhile urged the Democrats to " provide a clear idea."

"Six years of nearly unbroken one-party rule have not been healthy for the country. The apparent Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives yesterday is a good thing," the Washington Post said in its editorial.

"Voters yesterday expressed their anger at President Bush and their frustration with the war in Iraq, as well as their disgust with the arrogant misbehavior of House Republicans," the editorial said.

Nonetheless, the editorial said that the Democrats won not because voters necessarily agreed with their program but because of the missteps of the Republicans. "Democrats do not have capital from voters; at most, they enjoy a line of credit," the editorial said.

The New York Times, in its editorial, said the result showed that "a government that performs badly is supposed to be punished by the electorate."

"And this government has performed badly on so many counts," the editorial said, adding that the Democrats "won a negative victory, riding on the wave of public anger" about the Republicans.

The House Democrats will have to shift from the role of tactical opposition to show government, and also provide a clear idea of what their party will do if it were really in control, the editorial said.

The Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday's midterm legislative elections, but it still needs several seats to take control of the Senate from the Republicans.

The unpopular Iraq war, the Republicans' scandals in the Capitol Hill and the declining approval rating for U.S. President George W. Bush are considered the main factors to drive voters to turn to the Democrats, according to polls conducted by U.S. media.

Source: Xinhua

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