Nigeria to mass-produce Nigerian version of AK-47 rifles

Nigeria is set for mass-production of Nigerian version of AK-47 rifles, Director General of the Defense Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) Brig.-Gen. N.C. Maduegbunam said on Sunday.

Speaking at the ceremony to present Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo a Nigerian-type AK-47 in Kano, a leading industrial city in north Nigeria, Maduegbunam said the rifle project was conceived by the corporation some years ago.

"The design and production of two simple rifles was completed last February," he said, adding that with the successful testing and manufacture of OBJ006, the corporation was set for mass production of the rifle.

He, therefore, called for adequate funding of the corporation, to enable it produce the rifle in large quantities for both the nation's military needs and those of neighboring countries.

Also at the occasion, Minister of State for Defense Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi called on both private and government agencies to patronize the products of the corporation in order to boost its financial base.

He said that with the mass-production of OBJ006, Nigeria would save huge sums of money normally spent on importation of rifles.

Source: Xinhua

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