Hong Kong Disneyland launches annual pass

Hong Kong Disneyland Thursday announced the launch of annual pass after the success of summer pass in the last three months.

The annual pass of the theme park includes three categories: value (1,800 HK dollars), deluxe (1,300 HK dollars) and premium ( 650 HK dollars), based on different valid days.

The theme park launched its summer pass in July to allow guests ' unlimited visits to the park in summer. The park said it had sold about 70,000 summer passes during the season, making good contribution to its visitors before the anniversary of the park, though it had not yet reached its target of attracting 5.6 million visitors during its first year in Hong Kong.

The pricing of the annual pass makes people doubt if the annual pass can be as successful as its summer pass, because the most expensive annual pass of Hong Kong's Ocean Park, the major opponent of Hong Kong Disneyland, is only 495 HK dollars.

But Hong Kong Disneyland said the price of its annual pass is based on the value of the park and the park has its own features, though it is the smallest Disneyland in the world. However, the theme park refused to make any estimation on the result of its annual pass.

Source: Xinhua

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