Microsoft opens search market with China Telecom

Microsoft will provide China Telecom's 25 million broadband customers with a web search, 'Live Search' service, in an agreement reached yesterday.

With the increasing influence of Google on the internet and IT industry, Microsoft has become aware of the importance of a comprehensive internet service platform. Microsoft announced it would establish Windows Live soon after Bill Gates' retirement, a sign of the shift in Microsoft's strategy. The new internet platform, Windows Live, integrates MSN, blog server MySpace, search and personal internet services and software.

Microsoft has been looking for an opportunity to get into the search market since, Yahoo! and Google joined. The launch of Live Search is undoubtedly strategic.

China Telecom is China's largest immobile network operator and internet provider, providng 210 million customers with voice service and 25 million customers with broadband service. It has more than 80 million internet users and over 400 city portal webs.

By People's Daily Online

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