Thai coup leaders promise to hand over power to people

Chief commanders of Tuesday night 's coup ousting the caretaker government of Thailand issued a public statement Wednesday morning on TV, promising to transfer regime power to people soon.

Royal Thai Army chief Songdhi Boonyaratkalin, sitting along with the other 4 members of the National Administrative Reform Council (NARC) who are the chief commanders of last night's coup to oust Thaksin government, made a speech on TV at around 9:30 a.m. , the first public statement after the coup, which was staged late Tuesday night and swiftly declared a victory.

The Songdhi-led NARC, declared after the coup as the provisional top authority over the state, also include Air chief Chalit Phuphasuk, Navy chief Satirapan Keyanon, Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Ruengroj Mahasaranond, and Police Chief Kowit Wattana.

Songdhi stated in the brief speech that the three branches of armed forces and the Royal Thai Police have taken over the regime. He said that the coup was launched to topple a government which was "seriously corrupted and had brought the country down in deep divisiveness", and to find a solution to the political turmoil and restore political and social orders.

Songdhi also said that the NARC members have no intention to seek posts in the new government or stay for long as a provisional martial authority body. He promised the NARC will soon transfer the governing power to the Thai people.

He asked the public to remain calm and offer their support and cooperation to the temporary military rules.

After the speech, the NARC, based at the Army Command in central Bangkok, refused to accept any interview, while foreign and local reporters gathering around the building, who are only allowed to enter the building after 2 pm Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua

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