Chinese Premier shows determination to protect IPR

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday reiterated his determination to improve the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR).

"China's IPR protection efforts will carry the full force of steel, and it will definitely not be something that is soft as bean curd, " Wen said during an interview with journalists from five European news organizations, prior to his visit to Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Tajikistan.

Wen said it is only in recent years that China has given priority to the protection of the IPR. This has something to do with the level of development China has achieved and China should be given some more time, he added.

He listed the measures the Chinese government has taken to protect the IPR:

First, the IPR protection strategy is being pursued with the same vigour devoted to the national innovation strategy.

Second, a national leading group for the IPR protection has been set up to exercise overall leadership and coordination over the IPR protection efforts in China.

Thirdly, China has adopted and revised a number of laws and regulations on the IPR protection. Of them, the most important three laws are: the Patent Law, the Copyright Law and the Trademark Law. China will continue to improve the relevant laws and regulations and lower the threshold for prosecuting IPR-related offences.

Fourthly, the law enforcement is being strengthened. Administrative and judicial protection complement each other. China has launched special national operations against IPR infringement and 50 centers have been set up across China to handle IPR violation complaints.

Fifthly, China is working to raise public awareness of the importance of IPR protection to encourage consumers, businesses and social groups to play their part in protecting IPR.

Sixthly, China has taken an active part in international cooperation and has ongoing dialogue with the EU on IPR protection.

Source: Xinhua

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