Windows Vista to cost between 199 and 399 USD: Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. announced on Tuesday the U.S. retail prices for Windows Vista, its long-awaited new version of the operating system: Windows Vista Home Basic at 199 dollars, or 99.95 dollars for customers upgrading from Windows XP.

The software maker also confirmed Windows Vista remains on track to be delivered to businesses in November and to consumers in January.

Windows Vista Premium, which will come with entertainment features like the ability to record live television, will cost 239 U.S. dollars.

Windows Vista Business will cost 299 dollars, and 199 for upgrades.

Another version, Windows Vista Ultimate, will be geared toward people who want to do both personal and office work on their home computers. It will cost 399 dollars, or 259 for an upgrade.

Microsoft released on Friday a test version of Windows, dubbed Release Candidate 1, and made it available to more than 5 million customers worldwide.

Windows Vista, already five years in the making, has a sleeker look, improved security features, better protection against spyware and viruses and more intuitive search tools to help users find saved files.

Vista requires more memory and a more powerful graphics card than XP.


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