DRC supreme court postpones release of final presidential election results

The Supreme Court of the Democratic of the Republic of Congo (DRC) announced on Tuesday that it would postpone releasing the final results of the July 30 presidential elections.

The court, which had been scheduled to announce the final results of the first round vote on Tuesday, decided to postpone the release to an unspecified date because it had received new complaints.

The court said in a press release that it received two legal complaints alleging that the decision by the DRC's electoral commission to hold a second round of voting on Oct. 29 was unconstitutional.

According to the country's new constitution promulgated at the beginning of this year, the second round of the presidential election shall be held within 15 days, but does not specify from what date.

Under the country's electoral law, the second round of the presidential poll must be held within 15 days after the final results are announced.

Supporters of the incumbent DRC President Joseph Kabila asked to hold a run-off vote within this month. The release of preliminary results by the Independent Electoral Commission showed that Kabila won 44.81 percent of the vote while Vice President Jean Pierre Bemba got 20.03 percent. They would encounter in the second round.

But the Independent Electoral Commission has said repeatedly that the DRC could not immediately hold a second round of voting following the release of final results, citing logistical difficulties.

Source: Xinhua

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