Bird flu kills nearly 600 chickens in Indonesia's West Java

Indonesian authorities have warned of a major bird flu outbreak in the West Java town of Kuningan after 596 chickens died of the disease in August, an official said Tuesday.

Local officials said bird flu attacks were found in two districts, namely Cigugur and Darma.

"The 596 chickens died of bird flu based on rapid tests (at the scene) and laboratory tests," said Nana Adnan, head of the West Java veterinary office.

Following the findings, authorities plan to cull 3,000 chickens in the affected areas, he was quoted by the national Antara news agency as saying.

Local officials have culled some 5,000 chickens in nearby Garut regency after one person died of bird flu based on local tests.

Indonesia now has the world's highest bird flu death toll of 47 out of 62 sufferers since the first human case was confirmed two years ago.

Source: Xinhua

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