Vietnam to develop bio-fuel

Vietnam is compiling a scheme on intensifying bio-fuel production and application to serve its transport industry, ensure energy security and better protect environment from now to 2020, according to Industry Ministry on Friday.

Under the scheme drafted mainly by the Science and Technology Department under the Industry Ministry, Vietnam will, from 2006 to 2010, raise public awareness about bio-fuel, access foreign advanced bio-fuel-related technologies, build infrastructure for distributing the fuel in some localities, and produce 30 million liters of ethanol and 20 million liters of bio-diesel on a trial basis.

In the 2011-2015, the country will develop facilities to produce and distribute bio-fuel, apply gene and related technologies in turning out more materials needed for the production like cassava, sugarcane, potato, soybean, peanut and pineapple, and master some technologies necessary to bio-fuel production.

In 2020, Vietnam will master all advanced technologies necessary to the production so that it can make five billion liters of ethanol and 500 million liters of bio-diesel each year.

To this end, the Vietnamese government should fully or partly cover expenses regarding research and development, manpower training and technology transfer, and encourage experts to engage in bio-fuel production, the department said.

According to estimation of local transport experts, Vietnam will, between 2002 and 2010, see annual rise of 13-17 percent in the number of road transport means. Specifically, estimated annual growths in the number of cars, buses and trucks are 13-18 percent, 16-22 percent and 13-14 percent, respectively.

Source: Xinhua

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