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UPDATED: 08:31, August 29, 2006
How to step out of the "vicious cycle of terror"
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Britain has foiled a terrorist plot to bomb civilian aircraft to avoid a tragedy recently, and the whole international community to rejoice at the good news. Of cause, it is the matter for the American people for rejoicing particularly, as its shock wave would exceeded that of the 9/11 attack of 2001 if the aircraft had exploded over Washington, D.C. and four other US cities.

For days, Britain, the United States, Germany and other Western nations have "been retreating in panic and confusion" as there were reported aircraft emergency landings or discoveries of bomb-stuffed suitcases on trains. The terrorist incidents, false or true, have filled people with horror and gnawing worries.

Reviewing the past five years since the outbreak of September 11 incident in 2001, the International Community has spared no effort to combat terrorism, the UN Security Council has passed one resolution after another on anti-terrorism, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation has given priority to the war on terror.

Despite all these efforts so far made on a global scale, do the people around the world feel safe and secure today? The answer is definitely "not". The war on terror is a "permanent war," acknowledge some American people helplessly, and as far the international community is concerned, it also seems to have been plunged into the "vicious cycle of terror."

As a matter of fact, the ferociousness of the global terrorist forces with al Qaida at the core has been on rise. Firstly, the scope of their activities has been become more extensive, with their global terrorist networks stretching continuously and the target of their attacks extending from the U.S. alone to numerous Western nations. Secondly, The frequency of their assaults have been accelerated, increasing from once every two years prior to the 9/11 of 2001 attack to more than twice a year in post-9/11 years. Thirdly, those people born in the late 1970s and early 1980s have engaged in terrorist activities, as the new-generation of terrorists have come to the fore. Fourthly, the native terrorists have become the main force in the terrorist activities and they do not need to go abroad at the risk of their lives by using a dozen passports..

The current absurdity is "the greater opposition, the more people suffer from terror," and its causes have been discovered from in-depth mulling. First, though the international community's appeal for the enhanced effort to combat terrorism has been very high, the most rudimentary question on what terrorism is has not been clarified. Some countries have imposed "double standards" on the anti-terrorist struggle proceeding from their own national interests. Besides, some countries make the use of the war on terror as a pretext for seeking their absolute hegemony, and so more efforts they have made, more terrors are spreading across the world. Moreover, despite a very small handful of terrorists worldwide, some Western nations direct their anti-terrorist measures at the whole ethnicity. This has intensified the antagonism of ethnic groups objectively, and so it is harder still to advance the war on terror.

Owing to the extreme, unwise policies of some countries, the existing thorny issue has been deteriorated, the soil for the ingeneration of terrorism has turned "more fertile", and beefed up measures against terrorism has bred more native terrorists.

Then, how the international community moves out of the dilemma and blaze a new trail?

"It is no use treating symptoms but not the disease," or "offering medical inscription at random." With regard to international cooperation against terrorism, it is essential to give scope to the role of the United Nations instead of issuing orders by one or two nations; it is essential to underscore the overall interests of the international community and discard the so-called "double standards"; it is imperative to attach importance to the solution of imbalance and realize the genuine fairness and democracy in the realistic international relations; and it is imperative to recognize ethnic cultures, freedom of religious belief and other plurality of social progress instead of imposing the outlook of value of one nation upon other countries.

In a nutshell, the people of the world are able to uproot terrorism steadily and step out of "the vicious cycle of terror" only when all nations around globe combine their concerned efforts in dealing heavy blows at the existing terrorist forces and paying attention to the root cause of the source that breeds or ingenerates terrorism.

By People's Daily Online

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