Chinese economy is not yet overheated

An expert from the National Development and Reform Commission says generally speaking, the Chinese economy is a bit hot, but not yet overheated and still under control.

The expert says the Chinese economy is operating under a tense situation with higher economic growth rate in the first half of this year, but it maintains at the level of around 10% if some tightening measures are taken in the latter half of this year. Inflation is mild and commodity price is at controllable level while residents consumption price index will stand at around 2%.

Meanwhile, the bottleneck of coal, oil and electricity supply has been alleviated, the outer environment for economic operation has been improved. There is an increase in coal transportation and output of electricity generation so fewer and fewer places have seen the blackout of electricity. There are more coal storage in thermal power plants while the transportation in railway and port is also relaxed. In addition, there is a good connection between production and sales while the industrial enterprises continue to make more profits.

By People's Daily Online

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