"Chang'e 1"to be Launched April Next Year

"Chang'e 1", China's first lunar survey satellite, has been planned to be launched in Xichang Satellite Launch Center in April next year. Research and development on the final flying model plane has been taking place,"said Ouyang Ziyuan, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science as well as the chief scientist of Chinese moon probe project on the branch of the 36th Cospar Scientific Assembly held on July 21st.

"Chang'e 1"will achieve four great scientific goals. "One is that it will gain the three- dimensional solid blip of the lunar terrain with high precision. The second is it will investigate 14 kinds of available elements on the surface of the moon. The third is it will determine the temperature on the surface of the moon with the microwave radiation technology, and survey the characteristic and thickness of lunar soil. The fourth is that it will probe the space environment of the earth and moon," said Ouyang in a science report named "China's Moon Probe Plan".

He also said that there is a special material named helium-3 contained in the lunar soil that is a kind of nuclear fusion fuel with the characteristics of high energy produced by reactivity and no radioactivity, which will solve the energy-short problems effectively if it is used. We can estimate the amount of resource of helium ĘC 3 as long as the thickness of the lunar soil is probed precisely because the content of helium ĘC 3 in the lunar soil is stable. "Chang'e 1"will carry on a survey on the thickness of lunar soil over the moon for the first time in the world.

By People's Daily Online

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